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New Products

Round Goblet with inbuilt Straw 250ml

Rs.885.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.750.00/-

Cocktail Glass Dotted Fish Shape 300 ml

Rs.1,298.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,100.00/-

Closed Round Ball 5inch With 2 Glass Straws with Cork

Rs.1,062.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.900.00/-

Glass For Eating/drinking Tilted 500ml

Rs.885.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.750.00/-

Cocktail Glass Bird Shape 300 ml

Rs.1,416.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,200.00/-

Martini with inbuilt Straw 200ml

Rs.944.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.800.00/-

MIXOLOGY Glass Sipper

Rs.885.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.750.00/-

MIXOLOGY Ribbed Gold Rim Tumbler Glass Set of 6Pcs

Rs.2,183.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,850.00/-

MIXOLOGY Ribbed Gold Rim high Ball Glass Set of 6Pcs

Rs.2,419.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,050.00/-

MIXOLOGY Coupe Stem Cocktail Glass (Set of 2)

Rs.1,770.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,500.00/-

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Borgonovo Food Jar Primizie Hermet 500ml

Rs.566.40/- Ex Tax: Rs.480.00/-

Borgonovo Food Jar Primizie Hermet 1000 ml, Set of 3

Rs.1,510.40/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,280.00/-

Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jar Italian - 5 Liter

Rs.2,006.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,700.00/-

Luigi Bormioli Bach Beverage Glass, 16-1/4-Ounce, Set of 6

Rs.3,540.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.3,000.00/-

Borgonovo Food Jar Primizie Ermetico 2000, Set of 4

Rs.2,773.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,350.00/-

Borgonovo Boot Soccer Beer Glass 300 ML, 1 Pc

Rs.613.60/- Ex Tax: Rs.520.00/-

Borgonovo Food Jar Primizie Hermet 750 ml

Rs.601.80/- Ex Tax: Rs.510.00/-

Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jar Italian - 4 Liter

Rs.1,416.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,200.00/-

RCR Timeless DOF Tumbler, Set of 6

Rs.2,360.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,000.00/-

Borgonovo Primizie Food Jar 4250ml , Set of 2

Rs.2,478.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,100.00/-

RCR Adagio DOF Tumbler, 350ml, Set of 6

Rs.2,348.20/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,990.00/-

RCR Adagio Highball Tumbler, 400ml, Set of 6

Rs.2,596.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.2,200.00/-


Rs.1.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1.00/-

No more products found!
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