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About Us

Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores is the place for fancy glassware , household products & laboratory items .

Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores intends to have the largest selection of items to enhance your living spaces  at the best prices possible. We sell our products across India and even outside India by virtue of its cost-effective safe packaging and low cost which your pocket can easily afford.

Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores has its accounts on leading e-commerce websites like Amazon & Flipkart .

Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores also have a good range of all type of laboratory item made of glass which  can be used in all type of labs in schools and other experimental laboratories.

The customer can also visit our shop in Old Delhi named


561,Esplanade Road , Cycle Market


Customer Support Email: 561aggarwal@gmail.com


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  +91- 9818077787