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Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores Golden Iron Shot Tube - 50 ml x 12 Pieces Clear

Product description: Te..

Rs.1,400.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.1,250.00/-

Aggarwal Crockery & Scientific Stores Iron Shot Tube 50ml x 6 Pieces with Shot Stand

Product description: ..

Rs.952.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.850.00/-

AGGARWAL CROCKERY & SCIENTIFIC STORES Tattoo Shot/Hour Glass 30-60 ml Set 2 Pcs

Product description T..

Rs.1,062.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.900.00/-

Borgonovo Indro colored Junior Shot Glass 35ml, 6 Pieces, Multi-Color

Product description ..

Rs.637.20/- Ex Tax: Rs.540.00/-

Borgonovo Indro colored Senior Shot Glass 55ml, 6 Pieces, Multi-Color

Product description ..

Rs.743.40/- Ex Tax: Rs.630.00/-

Borgonovo Junior Shot Glass 35ml Set of 6

Product description ..

Rs.354.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.300.00/-

Circleware Edge With Style Multi Colored Bottom Shot Glasses, 30ml

Product description ..

Rs.531.00/- Ex Tax: Rs.450.00/-

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